A Modern HD Wearable Hands-free Display

 In Today’s Market VUFINE is the Modern Revolution towards other Electronics devices. So Guys Get ready to Have a perfect Virtualization on it.


➤ Introducing VUFINE+ ➨

   Vufine is a high defination wearable display that seamlessly integrates with your technology.Invention of this gadget makes a mark and reaches the future technology to a unreachable level.
To use the vufine you just need to attach the device to your own spects’ glass or you use a prescription using the included bracket.
➤ Designing of Vufine➨

It is fully plastic , may be not technically,but it feels so .This wearable hands free device is durable and has some weight which is minimum. There is a magnetic docking station which makes adjust the wearable display with the help of a magnet. It’s very much quick and easy, so you can adjust comfortably the wearable display after attaching it for comfortable view on your viewing experience .And also the following things are inside the device-

A USB Cable, AN HDMI Cable, A Nerd glass, Adapters, Internal Battery. From this device you get 720p virtual screen which in optimized display mode and largest display across all your devices. The run time of the internal battery is near about 90 minutes,which is too good. Totally it has an elegant and comfortable design. 

 ➤ Making Vufine connected ➨
You can connect  the wearable device with any gadgets or devices by using adapter and the connected device act as HDMI source.
So overall you connect to a HDMI source and provide the HDMI input on the device to make it work . You also plug it into the HDMI port of your laptop to make it work.

 ➤ Working process of VUFINE➨
  After connecting Vufine, USB cable provides power while the HDMI Cable handles the transmission of the signal. You have three options for viewing content through the Vufine .The standard view when you power on the device and again press the power button then it gives you zoomed view at last three button press provides access to view the landscape image. Finally when the device is charging the power button emit red light and while powered on it emit blue light .

 ➤ Display Quality➨

At first we told about Vufine largest 720p optimized virtual screen & the mode of the viewing content.The viewing experience was much better with standard mode and zoom mode. It has a LCOS qHD 960*540 display and the colours look quite natural .You should not except a clear view of the display as soon as you attach it.

 ➤ Performance & Compatibility➨
As it does work when connected to a smartphone or laptop , it does work with drones too.
As for compatibility, it does not work in a specific OS.
➤ Possible Applications of Vufine ➨
1.Hand free navigation.

2.To watch a movie without disturbing anyone.

3. Following up with a yoga video session while performing it yourself.
So, Vufine is definitely useful and have several more possible applications.


➤ Price & Availability➨

Price of this amazing gadgets is only $199.99.You can also buy the gadgets from online store.

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