Get A Android O style Notification Badge

In Today’s Market The Android O is the best trending Part. So Guys Get ready to Have a Perfect Just Like Interface. 

➤ What and why this android o Style Notification Badge ::

The latest preview of android o has some unique features. Dot Style notification badge is one of them. In this type of Notification badge will make your phone more smarter. Actually In Android phone notification warning is the best issue. Some times The ring of notification will may not be  reachable to your ears. The May be you will miss your important tasks. That’s Why  Notification badge is Important. And Make that notification badge smarter is your task.

How to get Just like that notification bar ::
 There are various type of process By which You can Got That. But we will show you the best process ever.
let’s Get Started………….
1. At first you have to download an application from play store. The name of that app is Nova launcher Prime. So you can Purchase it from play store otherwise you can download  it from the Link Below……
2. Then You have to download another one application from The link below or From  the Play Store. The name pf that App is Tesla Unread Notification badge.
          ➧ Then you are Done The primary portion of the process. Now Just go to the Next Step How to Customize that….
➠ At first set Nova Launcher as default launcher.
➠ Then You have go to the settings on your phone and allow the notification access for nova launcher .
➠ Then you have to go for the nova launcher settings. To do that please tap and hold on the home screen then that option will arise.
➠ Then Just scroll up and select the notification badges.
➠ Then chose the style of your Notification badge. Chose ‘Dots’.
➠ Then Select the Size of Your Notification badge .
➠ Now your set up is ready Just come on the home screen and Enjoy.
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