SOS-20 K

SOS 20 k is a portable monster battery. This is for those people who love To go on Adventure. 

SOS 20 K

What is SOS 20 K ? ➦

SOS 20 K is a battery which is portable but Monster in size. This battery is used to charge your, device or any kind of electronics components . This is specially designed for tour or journey or adventures people. This portable battery can be used as a power bank. By this device you can Easily charge your phone , warm up any light and use as a torch. This device has some unique Facilities they are……….

  • It is Portable and less space occupied Device.
  • It is Rechargeable .
  • It has the Solar System .
  • It is Dust Proof .
  • It is Water Proof.
  • Finally, It is SOS signaling.

So this is the highlighted Features Of this Unique Device.

SOS 20 K

➤ Why This Device ? ➦

This Device is Specially Made for traveling . During the travel it is a common problem for all people that how to charge their phone and other electric components . Thats why It is made to solve this problem . It can be used just like the Power Bank. But in the Power Bank It is also a common problem that How to charge the Power Bank. To solve this problem this device has the unique solution that is it containing the solar system. So , that’s why it is needed for those who love traveling.

SOS 20 K


Now this is the time for know the all features and specification of this unique gadget. They are………..

  1. Battery Capacity :-  20,000 mAh.
  2. Battery Quality :-    Lithium Polymer.
  3. Output :-                  5V/1-2.4A.
  4. Input :-                     5V/2A.
  5. Protection :-             IP67 Water/Dust Proof.
  6. Torch :-                    4 X 3 in 1 LED torch.
  7. Solar Output :-         340 mAh/H.
  8. Shockproof :-           Silica Gel Armor.
  9. Weight :-                  472 g.
  10. Warranty :-               2 years
SOS 20 K
➤ Price ➦
You can buy this gadget by exchanging the money of  $139 .
➤ Buy It ➦
If you want to buy this device Then Please Click On the link….
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