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Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears straight to the heart…..

Someone said this well. Because music is nothing but a sweet sound which controls the emotions of a Man. Music can make a man either happy or sad, because it is directly connected with our heart. Sometimes we call it as ‘Natural Painkiller’. There are many kinds of instruments available. Guitar is one of them. But it is not enough to learn well how to play a guitar, you need to know the depth knowledge about this. That’s why we are here as Tecmirror to share something new about Guitar. Let’s begin….

Guitar Apps
Guitar Apps

About Guitar Apps !!!

If you are a guitar lover. If you want to learn guitar well, then it is quite hard to have a complete guidance or a partner to play with. That’s why the applications are made. It can reduce the human efforts and be the best trusted partner ever. This application will run on android, the biggest mobile platform. It can be customizable. These applications made by the company Ultimate Guitar USA LLC ,the most famous music company ever.

Why Should You Download It ???

At first we need to know about this applications. That we already give before. But also need to, this applications containing which features. That’s why we create this section. Let’s discuss the features of this applications….

  1. Popular songs and demo music for more practice.
  2. More informations about the songs you like.
  3. Chord Diagrams with fingering placement.
  4. Offline access.
  5. learn step by step every part of the song.
  6. Daily updates available .

So you can find these features by having these applications. Let’s discuss about the applications which you have to download. These are…

The applications…..

Now it’s time to discuss about the applications. These applications will perfectly run on android. So if you are a Android user and Guitar lover then it is a jackpot for you. The name of the applications are…

1. Tonebridge Guitar Effects ->

Guitar apps
Guitar apps

This application is one of the most famous application over world. This application will provide you a platform from where you can play music easily and also learn. This is the key of learning songs in a new way. You need nobody to assist or join you. This application will recover all need of a Guitarist. You can learn the original tunes of a single song which you like most. This android app is containing some features, they are…

  •  8000+ presets for popular songs.
  • 6000+ demo samples for more practice.
  • Collections of presets handpicked by Ultimate Guitar editors
  • Intelligent feedback and noise cancelation system for more clear sound.
  • Low latency for real-time playing guitar.
  • Information about the songs you like most.

These are the features of this application. You can Download  by clicking on the download option.


2. Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords ->

Guitar App
Guitar App

This application is for pro Guitar player. This is a paid application. This application is the most Popular one too.  This application will become a buddy for you. From this application you can learn about Guitar playing. This applications also provides all the features you want to. This application will give you a box of lot musics from where you can easily learn. The features are provided in this application are..

  • Popular Songs and latest releases.
  • Guitar chords, notes and scores for lot of songs.
  • Chord diagrams with fingering.
  • Free daily updates available.
  • Оffline accessable.
  • Left-handed mode is there.
  • Quick search.
  • Autoscroll.

These are the features of this application. You can Download  by clicking on the download option.


3. Tab Pro ->

Guitar App
Guitar App

This application is the another best application for Guitar players. Here you will find a complete guide bout Guitar play. You can take lessons from here. It will provide you a better platform to play and learn Guitar. You can listen original tones of a particular song. You will be able to get the chords structure and finger movement lessons easily. The available features in this application are……….

  • Hear You get the song is supposed to sound while learning it.
  • Learn about every instrument part of the song (guitar, bass, drums etc).
  • Use tablatures as backing tracks to play along with the songs you love most.
  • Follow chord progressions and view chords and notes as you want.
  • Change the song’s tempo to practice it in a comfortable speed.
  • Sync your subscription and favorite tabs across devices and platforms by your account.

These are the features of this application. You can Download  by clicking on the download option.


These are the recommended applications for Guitar Player. It does not matter if you are beginner, these android apps will help you to learn the lessons carefully. Thank You for reading our article. Hope this post is helpful. Fore more interesting Things stay Tuned.


Subham Pal

Founder and CEO at Tecmirror.

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