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Today’s digitalization world is upgrading just like an Android app. But it is our necessity to know all about that upgrading things. That’s Why we are here to share something new. Today we are going to discuss about a latest android application by which you can stay connected to world with just one tap. Let’s begin….

Once upon a time in our country the term ‘mobile phone’ is hard to hear. But now a days it common in our society. The mobile phones  reduce the human efforts. The mobile phones make a healthy call for us to connect with each other. But in 20th century the mobile phones are not only uses for make a call but also uses to live our life smartly. That’s why we are using a upgrade version of mobile phones. We know these Mobile phones as Smart Phone. This smart phones are totally depended on applications. The application creates an interface for users to make their life easy. So friends, name of the application is Hubhopper. let’s see what are given in this android app.


About This Application….

This application is an android application. This app will provide you a better interface for reading more interesting things.

Hubhopper brings you a collection of top trending news, stories, videos and images from your favourite channels. You can save your valuable time from visiting a bunch of different sites.  The Channel dashboard allows content creators of all sizes to showcase their content on This application, and classify their works in a uniform way that will give you a better reading experience.

That’s not it. You can discover and follow other users from here. Get ready to explore all channels you love, whether you’re into Bollywood, fashion, TV, science – whatever. This will help you to access your favorite news into a single application.


This Application Provides….

This app provides you an single interface of your different channels you like. The things provided in this app are…….

Top Trending News :-  

In this app you will find all the trending news and recent activities. The technology, science and other top related things are described here. They are….

  1. Technology.
  2. Science.
  3. Business.
  4. Entertainment.
  5. Lifestyle.
  6. Fashion.

Music :- 

This app will provide you a lot of stories and news related to music. Let’s explore the music world. The features you will find in this app are……..

  1. Upcoming.
  2. News released.
  3. Old is Gold.
  4. Gossips.

Bollywood :-

If you are Bollywood lover then this app will make amazed. All latest News about Bollywood Industry, recient stories will help you to know more. The thing you will find here are………..

  1. Trending Movies.
  2. Upcoming News.
  3. Movie marketing News.
  4. About Actors and Actress.

Political News :-

All the latest news about politics and related things are provided here. They are…..

  1. Acts and Rules.
  2. All political activities.

These things are the highlights of this app. You can also also find all new news in this app.


Download This one….

You can Download This application from the play store. The Download Link is given bellow.


Watch It…

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User Review…

Users give 4.8 rating to this app. You can see That…..


So friends this is the app by which you can access your best loved news from Here. So hope you enjoyed This one. For more stay tuned with us.


Subham Pal

Founder and CEO at Tecmirror.

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