There are many users updated their iOS version from 10 to 11. But during update they faced nothing as well after update. Most of the people says that their device is getting slow !

That’s why we are here as Tecmirror to share some tips about iOS 11 to solve the slow performance issue.

Speed Up iOS 11

Before start, we have know something about iOS and how it works. If you are a regular user of iOS then it will be quite easier to understand. But if you’re not then you have to read this article till the end. Now, some simple question we have to ask ourselves. They are…

What is Speed Up and Why it’s Needed?

So, it’s the first question we have to ask ourselves. Our device is getting slow. So, how the solution will be speed up possible ? We have to know it !!

Basically Speed up is a technical term which means boost something up. Sometimes it happens that some of the devices are turned off during some conditions, then if we go for turning them on, we have to boost up those devices. Similarly an Operating System may be damaged during some conditions, so we have to boost it up.

An operating system operate, system software and application softwares. When ever they are upgraded, may be it takes some time to rearrange all the program and files correctly. But as some devices have not a perfect hardware combination then the performance of the device will be decrease. That’s why the decoding system has to be worked for recovery the performance. This decoding system is Speed Up.

iOS Speed Up
iOS Speed Up

Top 7 Tips

  1. Sometimes it happens that the total update may not be installed during the network issues. Then you have to check it out that all updates are installed properly or not ! Just go to settings > General > Software Update > Update it. And Some times you have to make sure that all apps are updated properly. If not then go to the ‘App Store ‘ and then updates Tab and Then check that any updates are available or not. (You can see the post how to refresh App Store in iOS 11 by click here)
  2. In iOS 11 there is an App Refresher system. That is ‘Background App Refresh’. This system allows all the apps updated themselves automatically in background. This System may be Slowed your device Down. To off this feature just go to Settings> General> Background App Refresh> Off.
  3. Sometimes the additional features of siri will reduce the performance of your device. Like Siri Suggestions and Siri Look Up. To disable this features in your iPhone or iPad just go to Settings> Siri & Search> Suggestion in Search > Off and Suggestion in Look Up> Off.
  4. Some times all the programs are not been updated rarely. To classify and rearrange those files you have to reboot your device forcefully. On most of the iPhone or iPad you have to press Power Button + Home button currently at a time. But on iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus you have to press the Volume Down Button + Power Button in same conditions.
  5. Use small and simple wallpapers. It sounds like funny but sometimes it works really great than other software issues.
  6. In iOS 11 there are various display or visual effects included. If you disabled these things then the system memory will reduce their work in useless job. It will improve the battery life and the performance of any iPhone or iPad. To disable these things just go to Settings> General> Accessibility> Reduce Motion> On.
  7. Reduce iOS system Transparency Effects to get more performance on your iPhone or iPad. This System looks good and fancy but it’s not healthy for an Upgraded iOS. To Stop this effect just go to the Settings> General> Accessibility> Increase Contrast> Reduce Transparency> On.

So these are the 7 tips for making your iOS speedy. Though the list 7 tips are completed but here is a last tip as a gift from me for you is,

Make sure that Your Internal Space is cleared enough because it sometimes make you device’s performance reduced.

Thank You for reading our article. Hope this is helpful. For more iOS, Mac tips N Tricks just stay Tuned.

Credit : Osxdaily.

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