Storage is a very essential thing in our daily life. Without a minimal storage we can’t able to do any kind of performance on our phone or Computer. If we want to share informations or data we need space. To see or download a video we need space. To lunch  application softwares we need space. Now you can imagine that how the storage space is being so important in our daily life. So, if a thing is going to be important for us then we have to save it or use it properly. That’s why we need to know about what is storage space in iOS devices and why it is important to us.

What is storage space in iOS 11 & why it is important to us ?

Every smart phone has their own storage. This Storage is called as Memory. Basically there are 2 types of memory. One of them is used to internal purpose and other part is used to external purpose. But in every smart phone internal storage is much important than external storage. Because, internal storage is used to perform every single task in smart phone. But in case of storage, there is a limit. That means we have some limitations to used the internal storage.

For this issue we have to use the memory well. But sometimes the storage will filled up due to unwanted applications. That’s why we faced  a critical Problem. But we can overcome this issue by managing the applications in our devises. But in our daily life we can’t have much time to do these works. So, what will be the solutions ?

Yes !! there is solution to do all these works automatically. It’s an awesome feature of iOS 11. So, let’s see how it works ?

Fix Storage issue Automatically
Fix Storage issue Automatically

 How it works on iOS 11?

This is a great feature of iOS. The mechanism of this system is, when the internal storage is getting filled then this system allows to offload the applications which you never used in your device. It’s such a brilliant system in the iOS 11. That means some applications which you downloaded in your device and after completing the task you forget to offload them. Then those application will pay some space in your device’s internal storage. Then what will happen that the Total storage gets some junk. But these applications are still unused due to long time. Then this system will offload it when the insufficient storage occurs.

Though it will be offloaded from your device, you can reload it again in your device when you want it. this system allows you to get all the preserved settings and data completely. It’s really an awesome feature of iOS 11. So, let’s have look How to Enable it on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Enable it ?

follow the steps which are listed bellow….

  1. Unlock your iPhone and got to the “Settings” Option.
  2. Then look for “iTunes and App store” and get in..
  3. Then Scroll Down and find the Option “Offload Unsed Apps” and turn it on.
  4. Exit.
Fix Storage issue Automatically
Fix Storage issue Automatically

So this is the Process how you can enable it. Just go to your phone and turn it on to reduce the space usability.  Thank You again for reading our article. Hope it’s helpful for you. Please Stay Connected with us for more.


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