How to Use AirDrop from Mac to iPhone or iPad

How to Use AirDrop from Mac to iPhone or iPad

Now a day’s it is too much important to share data with someone. It’s an old tradition to share image, videos, Docs and all that things with another one. That’s why the whole network and communication system were created. But we don’t know enough about data sharing process. We know some of the processes but not enough. That’s why we are here as to share another interesting thing with you. Let’s come to the point. In the world many of people are using mac,iphone or ipad. Just like other network and communication system here is also some things, which is providing the sharing interface. Today we are going to discuss about a new process for mac and iOS lover. Let’s begin…

Do you know the Airdrop will help you to share images, videos, docs and all shareable things from your mac to your iOS ?

Here is the process by which you can do this work easily.

According to sharing process we divide this into 3 parts..

  1. Receiving Process.
  2. Connecting Process.
  3.  Sending Process.

If you follow these steps  perfectly then you can easily do this work. So, go to the first step.

1. Receiving Process ::

It’s quite unnatural but here it is the process at first you have to setup the receiving end and then come to the sending part. Now just follow the following steps…

  1. Make sure that Your iOS device is fully Bluetooth and wifi supportable.
  2. Then turn both of them on.
  3. Then go to the control center and click on the airdrop icon(Image is given Bellow).
  4. Then a pop-up will be arise with a set of options Then you have to accept the Airdrop receive and choose a option from “Contacts Only” or “Everyone”.
  5. Then a blue light will be indicate the Airdrop Icon as a turn on sign.

2. Connecting Process ::

Now the receiving end is ready let’s go to the connecting process. Follow the steps carefully.

  1. Turn On the Mac.
  2. Go to The Finder.
  3. Search For Airdrop.
  4. Then Choose Airdrop from the sidebar.
  5. Then in a separate window the receiver iOS device will show up.
  6. Then Select Your Device.

3. Sending Process ::

The Receiver and Sender are ready to complete the process. Then come to the sending procedure. It’s a easy Process. Follow the Instruction..

  1. Open the media files to share in a new window.
  2. Then place the media window and Airdrop window in a parallel manner.
  3. Then select the files or media to share.
  4. then Just Drag and drop to the Airdrop window and the file will be transmitted quickly.

This is the process to share any data or file from mac to iPhone or iPad using Airdrop. This is the best and easy way to share anything.

From Airdrop You can do more things. These are…

  • You can save the data to icloud.
  • You can easily share with only your device by selecting the option “Contacts Only”.
  • You cal Also Share the data with with others by selecting the option “Everyone”.

These are the Things you can do with Airdrop. Thank You for reading our article. Hope it’s useful for you. For more interesting mac and iOS related posts stay tuned with us.


Subham Pal

Founder and CEO at Tecmirror.

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