The newest version of iOS is iOS 11. This operating system contains some lot of features. The updated iOS is very much handy and very useful for now a days. More updates of iOS 11 will less the time waste of a single person using iOS. So, here is an app store from where we can download useful apps for our iPad or iPhone.

But sometimes we have to check that out, all updates ate installed properly or not ? That’s why are here as tecmirror to share something new. So without wasting much time let’s get started.

What is Updates ?

Now a days it is quite important to stay updated, and it is the most difficult task ever. Because, being updated is very easy but stay tuned with updates is quite hard. But we have nothing to do ! Because without the updates we will lose our place in world.

Similarly it’s also important to keep your device as updated. Because day by day the updates are coming. All the updates are developed for us to make our daily works easy. So it’s our duty check the updates and use them in our daily life.

App Store
App Store

Why This ?

Today we are going to discuss about, How to Refresh The Updates In iOS 11 Store. Basically the apps are created for reduce the human efforts in some additional purpose. But now a days some apps are also useful for education, entertainment and culture. So, it’s our need to learn more from them. That’s why the updates are too much important.

How it Works ?

There are many ways to do that. But here we are going to describe this one very easily. You can easily do that with just a single gesture. Let’s have a look.

Step 1 : At first you have to go on app store. It’s quite easy process. Just unlock your iPhone or iPad and find the app store (the logo is already shown in the image before). Then just tap on the app store and it will be opened.

Step 2 : Then you have to go to the updates from the bottom options.

Step 3 : Then just tap and hold on the top of the home screen and pull it down till the middle of the display. Then a round loading cursor will start refreshing the update list. See the image below for clear view..

Refresh the List
Refresh the List

You can do this thing for many times. To update more apps. This gesture will work in many portion of this version of iOS.

Hope this post is helpful for you. Please stay tuned for more.

Thank You for reading our article.

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