How to Force Stop Apps in iOS 11

Now a days it is quite important to make us successful with digital trends. Now the update on iOS is quite good. Many new things are featured in this update of iOS. They called this operating system as iOS 11. Now most of the iPhone or iPad has given the feature of upgrading their system to iOS 11. So, if you are a iOS user then go ahead and check your device is upgradeable or not. Then come to the tips and tricks of iOS 11. Here we are going to discuss about the latest tips and tricks of iOS 11.

What is this ?

At first you need to know about the feature included in this version of iOS. You can easily manage your running apps on your updated iOS device. The new iOS 11 is containing some awesome features. One of them is App switcher. This iOS application is a great app for all iOS lover. This application will allow you to mange your all apps in your iPad. Yes !! it’s true. This application is awesome tool for any iPad running on iOS 11. let’s check it out why this work is needed !!!

Why this ?

It’s a good question for any people. But the need of doing this work is already know by a iOS user. Actually this function is very important for a iOS user. Whenever we lunch apps on our iPad frequently then the apps may be not closed properly in a manner. That’s why we can face a problem called “slow system”. But if we have the right to stop all useless applications at a time then it will be more helpful for our phone. So the need of this work is important for a better experience on your phone. Let’s have a look how it works !!

App Switcher
App Switcher

How it Works ?

This is a very simple to do with your iPad. But make sure that your iPad is upgraded to iOS 11. Then you can simply follow the steps which is listed bellow …

Step 1 : To access the app switcher from your iPad, you have to swipe up form the bottom in your home screen or you can press the home button twice at a time on your iPad.

App Switcher
App Switcher

Step 2 : Then simply select the apps which you want to stop forcefully.

Step 3 :  Then flushed that app out from the App switcher by just tap on that app and swipe up from your home screen.  ( See the image to understand well ).

App Switcher
App Switcher

Step 4 :  Then You can do it many times to stop other apps forcefully. Then press the home button to come back on the home page.

So this is the procedure  of using App switcher application to manage your apps properly. Hope you enjoyed this article. If this is helpful for you then stay tuned with us.

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