VRDL 360 camera: Design,Specification,Review

VRDL 360 CAMERA: Redefine Your VR Experience

VRDL 360 camera is the most efficient 360VR camera for capturing 7k quality photo, 3k video, social live streaming and instant sharing. The fact that this camera can take such high resolution photos could make the best consumer 360 camera for shooting 360 photos.

Design of VRDL 360 Camera


VRDL 360 camera

VRDL is a candy bar shaped, compact in size so it easily fit in your pocket or bag making it a traveler’s new go to gadget. This camera may fill a gap in the market for people who are more interested in photography than video.

Full Specification

VRDL 360 feature with 3k 30fps video resolution, 32 megapixel photo resolution and also 3k 30fps 360 live streams. It has 2 f/20 lenses. But no waterproof and shockproof facilities. You can control the ISO up to 1600 to deal with low light environment. VRDL 360 has microsd up to 128 GB and 2000mAh battery which able to take approx 1000 photos or 2h video recording when used standalone.


VRDL 360 camera

VRDL compatible with both android and apple smartphone. Stay connected to your VRDL 360 with your favorite smartphone devices while on the go. VRDL comes with a built in dedicated wifi network that allows you to control the camera directly through the campaign app on your smartphone. This allows VRDL 0 to quickly communicate and which is is ideal when travelling and mounting the camera on the drone.

Quality of photos & video

Photos from model of VRDL  360 but it still looks like it can indeed take amazing 360 photos. You can really see the 32 megapixel doing their work. The only issue, VRDL 360 indoor images has lot of overexposure on the windows and doors. Hopefully there can be some adjustment to the software to tackle this issue before the camera is fully released. I don’t have any example video yet from the VRDL. But we do know it can shoot 3k quality 360 video which is still pretty good considering the price of camera.


VRDL 360 camera

View Modes of VRDL 360

You have opportunity to enjoy four creative 360 view mode such as: Fisheye, Perspective, Little planet & VR. Add the finishing touches of your photos and videos with a variety of included filter just as a social media platform as Instagram and Facebook.

VDRL 360 supports Facebook live stream, You Tube live stream, sharing with Twitter through VDRL 360’s campaign app.

“HAPPY READING”.  I hope this description is helpful to you. If you have any query, then ask in the comment box below.



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