Introducing to Mobile Photography

Photographs are the most important thing in our life. Because all photos are the collection of some moments. Every photographs has their own significance. Photos help us to remind something. It’s just not only a scene but also story. Every photographs holds some story and lots of memories. So it’s our duty to click fine photographs to collect good memories.

But here is a problem. To click a fine photo we need a good quality camera. But most of the people don’t have it. But now a days it is not necessary to have a good camera. Because now a days every single smart phone holds a good quality camera. So we can overcome the camera issue. But it is not enough to have a good quality camera, because every camera contains a lot of features and we don’t know all those things.

But as a casual photographer we need to know some things which are really important. That’s why this post. It will help you to know all the things which you really need to know about mobile photography. So let’s get started….



What is Photography ?

The meaning of photography is hidden in the name. If we devide the photography in two parts the 1st one will be Photo which means Light and Graphy means Drawing. That means a picrure which is controlled by light.

It is the main thing of photography. If you want to be a good photographer then you need to be confident about light. Because light is the thing which decides your photo’s quality. So always keep in mind you have to make a good sense about light. Let’s begin to the next part.

Camera Setup

So now you quite know about the photography but you must have to know the important part of mobile photography, that is camera setup. Every smartphone gives us lots of facilities but they can’t give us the total control. If you want to set up yor camera manually it will help you to click awesome photographs. So you need to know that what the things are important in camera setup.



  1. The first one is Aperture. It is the whole of a camera. Camera is fully dependent on Aperture. Buecause it controls the amount of light which your camera will take for clicking a good shot. Big aperture will help the camera to get more light and take a clear shot.
  2. Next thing is Shutter Speed. It decides the moment of the object you are clicking. It means slow shutter speed will take a clear shot but it can’t able to take any picture of an object which is in motion. But in that case the fast shutter speed will help to take a clear shot of that object which is in motion.
  3. The last one is ISO. It helps a camera to control the noise of a picture. Low ISO will help you to take a noise free picture.

Most of the smart Phone don’t allow to control all these things. So you have to use a third party application for your android or iOS. In our next article you will find about this.

Thank for reading our article. Hope You liked it. Stay Tuned for More.




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