Month: July 2017


Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime review

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime review Samsung’s galaxy smartphone is most popularly known for the flagship S & Note series. J series smartphones now going to the competition with the other Galaxy smartphone. Mainly J series phone represents┬áthe budget category. The company’s latest offering in this series is Samsung Galaxy J7Read More

Top 3 Guitar Apps – August, 2017

Guitar Apps For Music Lover Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears straight to the heart….. Someone said this well. Because music is nothing but a sweet sound which controls the emotions of a Man. Music can make a man either happy or sad, because itRead More

Read News Magazine in Your Smart Phone

Short News Magazine App : HubHopper Today’s digitalization world is upgrading just like an Android app. But it is our necessity to know all about that upgrading things. That’s Why we are here to share something new. Today we are going to discuss about a latest android application by whichRead More

Honor 8 pro Review

The Stunning Honor 8 Pro Recently lunched Honor 8 pro is the update version of last year’s Honor 8. It is the most stunning smart phone over all Honor mobile phones. In April, 2017 Honor 8 pro launches. This smart phone is the most trending smart phone in today’s market.Read More