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Introducing to Mobile Photography

Photographs are the most important thing in our life. Because all photos are the collection of some moments. Every photographs has their own significance. Photos help us to remind something. It’s just not only a scene but also story. Every photographs holds some story and lots of memories. So it’sRead More

Jgorone Jay Bibhabori | Real Drums Cover | Guitar Play

This song is a very popular Rabindra Sangeet. As a cover song this song is mostly used. Here we also try a bit. This song is also used in a Bengali movie names “Ranjana Ami R Assbona”. Cover songs are nothing but a unique representation from different singers. Making coversRead More

Majhe Majhe Tobo / Hrid Majhare – Cover Song Mashup

This two songs are very popular among the branch of Tagore’s creativity. This two Rabindra Sangeet are quite natural. This songs are quite same in beat. That’s Why we make a mashup using this two songs. Listen The song for a batter experience. Listen The Song Here This is theRead More

Save Storage in Your iOS 11 Automatically

Storage is a very essential thing in our daily life. Without a minimal storage we can’t able to do any kind of performance on our phone or Computer. If we want to share informations or data we need space. To see or download a video we need space. To lunch Read More